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Im from michigan and no 5.0 update yet


Im from michigan and no 5.0 update yet

Yes im wondering if anyone from michigan has recieved the 5.0 update yet on there lg g3 ls990 yet I dont understand why its taking so long or why we can manually intall the update ourselves instead of watiing for a ota update anyone who can chime in and help would be much appreciated. please email me at [private information removed] thanks again

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Re: Im from michigan and no 5.0 update yet

10 p.m. Thursday 2/19/15 no update yet Garden City Area


Re: Im from michigan and no 5.0 update yet


I know this process can be aggravating. The update goes out in waves, meaning not everyone will receive it at the same time. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated in this matter. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm always here to help if you need me.

- Maria
Sprint Social Care

Re: Im from michigan and no 5.0 update yet

The update is out, and is available. Hopefully, no one here took the trolling advice off another forum and cleared google services framework, hoping it would force an update. That more or less assigns you back of the line status. The rollout was to be completed by today, the 23rd. If you've not received it, I'd suggest hitting settings, updates, check for LG update. NOT FIRMWARE. I, use a lot of cloud services, so a factory reset isn't the end of the world for me. At 1am EST Saturday night, I checked for an update, nothing. Reset phone, boom, 5.0.1 kicked in. That being said, if you are cool with factory resets, that has proven to initiate that update. You can also hit the "activate this device" button under settings and possibly achieve the same result. By the way, this update is fairly nice. I've not noticed a bug yet. That smart screen locking feature is pretty sweet.

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