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LG G3 - Not able to send SMS


LG G3 - Not able to send SMS

I've now gone through 2 LG G3's - brand new; one from and one picked up this afternoon at a Sprint Corporate Store as an exchange - and I think may have narrowed down the issue.

On the first G3 I was unable to consistently send text messages.  All standard troubleshooting was completed (forced to LTE/CDMA; forced to CDMA only, etc.) with no change - still could not send or receive text messages consistently.

After swapping the phone at a Sprint Corporate store, I was able to send and receive text messages just fine - until I added a Google account to the phone.  Even though Hangouts is NOT set as the default SMS app, it appears that once I add a Google account to the device I am no longer able to send and receive SMS consistently.

Removing the Google account and rebooting the device seems to restore normal SMS operations, but this is a major issue - what's the point of having Android if you don't have access to Google Play, Gmail, etc.?

This is a major problem, and one that Sprint, LG and Google are going to have to work out - and pronto.

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