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LG G3 difficulty connecting to home wifi


LG G3 difficulty connecting to home wifi

I must  start out by saying that spark sucks.  Beyond spark, my LG G3 is having other issues.

I have done a side by side comparison with my old Samsung GIII and my current LG G3, and the GIII has yet to lose wifi in my house.  Same network, same password etc.  My LG loses connection with the wifi about once every 3-5 minutes and it is annoying.  Between that and spark, I have very little data capabilities.  I have upgraded PRL, profile etc consistently (once a week since Sept 1 when I got the phone), and I still have connection issues.  Just this evening, nothing on flipboard would open on the G3, but everything opened just fine on the Samsung.

What gives?  Do I need to go back to my Samsung?  Do I need to switch carriers?  I have been with sprint for over 18 years, and this is the worst service I have ever had (worse than not being able to get service in the sprint store, yes that happened)

And don't get me started on this connection optimizer.


Re: LG G3 difficulty connecting to home wifi

zombielord - First and formost, I would like to thank you for your loyalty as a Sprint customer. Having a device issue can be a difficult challenge, but we are here to help. In addition to the troubleshooting you have performed, try resetting your network settings. You can perform the reset by dialing from your device ##72786#. By resetting your network settings your device clears out all saved passwords and network connections. After performing the reset reconnect to wifi and examine connectivity. Furthermore, if resetting your network settings does not resolve the issue take the device into a Sprint repair center for evaluation. Keep us posted with results and further questions you may have.
- Jason
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