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LG g3 decrypt


LG g3 decrypt

My LG g3 is asking for a pin/password to be decrypted.

i have exhausted all of my passwords and nothing... i just called sprint customer service and i have never been so unsatisfied with sprint in my life. Of course they dont know what to do so now i gotta go to a sprint store to get a replacement. Mind you i jUST got the phone 10 days ago. Customer service sucks big time. I will be transferring my services to T-Mobile


Re: LG g3 decrypt

yvbrooklyn - I can definitely understand your frustration in regards to this matter. We don't want to lose you in regards to this. Have you ever previously encrypted the phone? Also, have you tried to factory reset the phone to help resolve this? Please let me know, I'm here to to assist in any way I can. - Kareem
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