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Lollipop Issues?


Lollipop Issues?

So after waiting for days on lollipop and finally getting it, i am disappointed cause i don't see much of a difference. The only thing is that now i experience many issues with playing music, trying to text, go on my apps and check emails. I have connectivity issues and it freezes a lot. Seriously, i hate when the media lies to use and makes a big deal out of something when in fact there is nothing that makes this update amazing as some websites portray it to be. On top of that we have to accept it whether we like it or not. Force it on us. I'm irritated about this. Am i the only one who is agitated about this??


Re: Lollipop Issues?

Same here media player plays 3 songs and crashes. Apps crash minutes into using, can't send multimedia messages terrible battery life


Re: Lollipop Issues?

Rigo09 - That's not good! Have you taken your device to one of our Sprint Repair stores? Keep us posted. - Latonya
Sprint Social Care

Re: Lollipop Issues?

I updated mine now two days ago and after figuring out how to turn face recognition on again (see my post) and a few minor nits (but I found workarounds). I have no major issues and really like it.  On the other hand, I hear of some bad issues that are real and all I can think is it must be related to third party apps? I got my LG G3 last August and it is really loaded with stuff. I mean loaded with over a hundred apps, videos, pictures, hundreds of configuration changes and it is the most painless update I have ever gone through on a smartphone. My Galaxy Note II had the worst problems and bugs.

Positives are better battery life.  It stays nearly fully charged over night now where it lost about 10% before. The screens are a bit quicker.  The security and face recognition has been improved but it is a bit more complicated because of it. Much like a PC now. I love the new profiles for sharing the phone.

If anyone should have had problems with space or software compatibility issues it should have been on my LG G3.

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