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Lollipop crash closing apps especially Instagram plus where's the SD card write?


Lollipop crash closing apps especially Instagram plus where's the SD card write?

Sprint needs to get 5.1 out ASAP because 5.0.1 has issues.  And, thanks to corporate control freaks, I can't even boot into a recovery mode and clear my dalvik cache anymore since stock recovery on this thing only supports factory reset.

Instagram crashes constantly.

Phone rebooted when I plugged it into my work PC to charge - that never used to happen.


I would clear my D cache if I was able to do it.

BTW what happened to the promised ability for apps to be able to write to the SD card again with Lollipop? They still can't write to SD card.

There really is NOTHING that the standard Sprint rep who trolls these forums can do except ask the powers that be to get the 5.1 fix out ASAP.  No guarantee that's going to fix things but it's worth a shot.

I really don't want to do a factory data reset only to find out that it won't fix anything, but maybe it will.

Any other G3 owners have luck with that route?


Yes I had to unistall every app I downloaded then had to do a factory reset.I had to do a factory reset twice before I was able to get everything working correctly and was then able to reinstall the apps I wanted back on my phone. I'm also hearing alot of ppl say to disable the data optimizer so I just went ahead and did it to be safe and so far everything is working.If you do a factory rest just remember to remove you SD card first. Hope this helps

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