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Product Ambassdor: LG G3 case options

Sprint Product Ambassador


There are many case options available from OEM like the LG QuickCircle case and companies like Spigen that specialize in making cases. As a member of the Sprint Product Ambassador LG G3 team, we received the LG QuickCircle case and a Spigen case. I don't like to provide my phones that extra layer of protection so I ordered Verus window case until one of my other cases came in.


The Verus case I purchased online provides many of the features as the LG QuickCircle case. One thing I really like about the Verus case is the synthetic leather with the red stitching. I am able to use all the QuickCircle features with this case and it provided protection until my LG QuickCircle case arrived. I did not realize the Verus case did not have a cutout for the front sensor and my LG G3 does not fit as snug in it as the LG QuickCircle case. I had my phone pop out when I dropped it getting out of my truck.

Spigen 1.PNGSpigen 2.PNG

Spigen SlimArmor was the next case I received. If my only option is a non-flip case with no open window, Spigen is my choice. Spigen makes a great case that provides great protection for those accidental drops... Yes, I dropped my phone once again getting out of my truck. My Spigen case kept my LG G3 in the case and kept my screen from breaking. Spigen cases provides cutouts for all the sensors so that you can use all the features of your phone including the IR blaster for the LG Quick Remote.


I saved the best for last.... the LG QuickCircle case. This is the best case for me and my needs for protecting my phone. The QuickCircle case provides additional screen protection, keeps my secured in the case when dropped (yes I forget about my phone sometimes getting out of my truck while it is sitting in my lap). Plus, the QuickCircle case has a cutout for all the sensors so that I can take advantage of all the features of my G3 when turned on.


LG QuickCircle case gives me quick access to some of the apps I use the most with out flipping the case open. Pictured above are a few examples like taking a picture, listening to my music or playing PuppyPop.... my wife enjoys PuppyPop and has already the high score 78k on my phone.

My case option of choice is a flip case as long as it has a window feature like the QuickCircle and allows me to use all the features of my phone. If I did not have a windows case option, my next choice would be Spigen. Their cases provide great protection and compliment the phone....

What is your case preference? Visit a Sprint store today and check out the various case options available or visit Spigens website for other options.

Thanks for checking out my case review,


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