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Screen response while charging


Screen response while charging

My G3 does not like to be used while charging. Anything I do that requires me to long tap the screen causes it to act up.  For example, trying to swype text into the phone, words get broken up and chosen to be something completely opposite of what I'm trying to enter.  Its as if the phone thinks I pick up my finger and then push down again when I'm trying to swype a longer word.  Same thing happens for choosing punctuation where I have to long tap a "." to get to the "?" or "!".  It isn't just when texting either.  If I try dragging something on the screen while charging it drops it on its way thinking I was done dragging it.  This is very frustrating, especially as fast as my battery drains now that I need to be charging it more.  I have factory reset the phone twice trying to get the problem to go away but it remains.  Is there any way to resolve this or am I stuck for the next year until my lease ends with a phone I can't stand using?

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try a different charging cable..if it still happens try a different adapter..sounds more like a short in one of those things that is causing this and not the phone itself.

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