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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG G3 Battery life


Battery life, something that all users of smartphones see as the gold at the end of a rainbow. The LG G3 has solved this problem, the LG G3 boasts a long lasting 3,000 MAH battery, the LG has made this battery removable which all the better. Battery life on the LG G3 has surprised me as being one of the best features on the phone. We all get that feeling when the phone is at 5% and your phone gives you an alert to remind you. I unplugged it without it being fully charged and feel dumb when I see the message.

I recently tested the battery out and was pleasantly surprised on how long it lasted with a sizable amount of use. The G3's battery lasted over 31 hours with 23 of those hours including heavy usage. With pod-casts being piped into my bluetooth headset constantly and letting my children watch all of The Incredibles and other normal phone functions. I believe it took the challenge and passed with flying colors.



Stanny George

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