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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG Miracast


This is one thing that I just love! So I'm not one of those people that have cable or dish for TV. Really all I do is use netflix or watch shows from my phone. With the LG G3 phone you can set up Miracast to your LG Smart TV. This will allow you to  stream anything that is on your phone to your TV. So I can stream my games, my Sunday Ticket, or anything! Don't even need to get up because your phone IS your remote! Without cable this is the perfect option for me! As long as you have a qualifying LG TV (Usually any of the smart TVs, or newer TVs with Miracast enabled) you can use this service for free! I will show a video to demonstrate it below! I hope you all enjoy!

Video Provided by LG

I've been using it the last couple of days and I must say, it works great! No sacrificing the picture quality or anything, just sync up and watch / play whatever you want from your phone, to your TV.

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