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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Circle Case Camera: The ultimate shortcut

Sprint Product Ambassador

Shortcuts are expected to be as good as their namesake.  Maybe it speaks to my diminishing cerebral power, or all of those years of college and screen staring finally taking it's toll on my learning abilities, but I have more recently found that anything more than one or two "custom" strokes, swipes, or other actions in order to shortcut to an app that I want or need is too much for me to learn, and quite frankly, not a true SHORT CUT.

Enter the Circle Case Camera shortcut.

1) Knock on the circle.

2) Swipe to the shortcut launcher

3) Select the Camera

4) Touch to shoot


1) Hold the down volume button for 2 seconds

2) Touch circle screen to shoot.

It basically turns my G3 in to a camera... a knocked on, laser targetted, 13MP Camera.  Need a quick snapshot, you can get from pocket to snapshot in 2-3 seconds, or basically what it would take for you to open your standalone digital camera.  You can review what you just shot

Would you like to see a demo?

LG G3 Quick Circle camera shortcut demo - YouTube