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Upset customer due to no service and customer care


Upset customer due to no service and customer care

Sprint your Service is terrible and the worse coverage and even more so your data coverage "spark" more like "snail". You have been "expanding" forever it seems. Yes I have only had Service with you guys on my own for almost a year now, but I was customer before on a family plan And decided to get my own. And seen you guys was doing a promotion where you could get 20gb of data for $100 and unlimited everything for $50 on iPhone and $60 on Android haha. Funny as I have never seen a bill under $200 for 3 lines of service and never had my work discount added and so fourth. But little did I know the $100 was for leasing "phones" with $15 dollars per line which would come to $145 for 3 phones before tax. But the store clerk at a corporate store and best buy told me I would save money by a 2 year contract but little as all you guys at Sprint know I never signed a 2 year contract. I only signed that I received the phones and choose what plan I wanted with no recognition that a extra $40 be attached to the bill per 3 phones plus an extra $30 for unlimited calls and text monthly. So technically I'm not in a said "contract" it is fraud that Sprint Corp. is committing. Because I have called and complained to your rude staff multiple occasions about how I was mislead and the no Service in my area and data in my area not even 3g. Have screen shots to prove it have to walk to top of my driveway at my residents to make and receive calls. Along with getting there have multiple text and voicemails come at once is a safety issue since most people don't have landlines now. So in small print where it says settle amongst us no lawyers and court is long gone due to contacting and complaining many times that gets me NO where. So I will be leaving Sprint as soon as possible kindest regards, As for CEO and top executives needs to stop with the jibber jabber and focus more on customers getting ripped off and trying to compete with tmobile AT&T and offering to cut bills in half which is another fraud scam. I will receive my money back for over paying all this time along with my work discount with honestly should be added up to the ETF fees already $200 month times 7 to 8 months I been with you guys = $1400 to $1600 In a year be $2400. thanks


I agree. I was told our total bill with four lines would be $200. NOPE. In four months all of my bills have been $400. The only answer I get is because of pro-rated chargers where we purchased a new phone. How does something get pro-rated for four months? And now I'm told that our bill is $265. I hate Sprint billing, period. You can't understand it for one. And how can you fight it? Sprint does whatever they want to and you are just stuck. If I were to cancel my contract I'd have to pay $1,000. Your chat customer service reps are the WORST!

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