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flashlight on notifications screen in lollipop


flashlight on notifications screen in lollipop

One of the features in the new notifications dropdown in Lollipop that I've seen in articles is the flashlight.  However, on the LG G3 lollipop update the notifications pull down looks pretty much like the KitKat version.  Where can I access the built-in flashlight now that lollipop has been pushed to my G3?  The third party apps I've used are horrible and I really miss the widget that I had on my old S3.


Re: flashlight on notifications screen in lollipop

Since02192001 - Thank you for reaching out to us with your question. We were able to look into this issue, and see that Google has listed this missing feature as a bug within the latest OS release. This is only affecting a small amount of phones, but at this time we are waiting for Google to release an update to fix the bug. We appreciate your patience and ask that you stay tuned on our Community Forums for updates on this issue. - ShaquilleSprint Social Care
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