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no mobile connections on my LG G3


no mobile connections on my LG G3

I am having the hardest time with this phone! It started on New years Eve. I thought I had it fixed and then the next day I received the lollipop upgrade and its gotten worse. In network settings it says my mobile network state is disconnected. Does this have anything to do with why I cannot make or receive calls without them constantly droping? Most of the time I do not receive texts, sometimes I am ablet to send them! I dont know what else to do! I cant call Sprint! I keep searching the forums for answers and I am now desperate. I am disabled and I wouldnt be able to dial 911 if I needed to! I cannot make it to a sprint repair store because they are far from me.. Not centrally located at all.PLEASE PLEASE help me?? Im missing very important calls and texts. This has gone on for WAY TOO LONG. Please help????


Re: no mobile connections on my LG G3


We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. We want to do all that we can to assist you with this issue. Please click on this link to send us a private message. Be sure to include your phone number, PIN or security answer and the best time to contact you. We're looking forward to your response.

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Re: no mobile connections on my LG G3

Same here, I'm frustrated with this phone


Re: no mobile connections on my LG G3

less than 3 months and I will be doing my 3rd factory reset here soon............................... MIGHT be the time to use the awesome phone insurance to help me get a new one.

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