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where is lollipop 5.0

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Re: where is lollipop 5.0

My_Broken_Wings - We're sorry to hear this is happening. Have you tried to reset the device? - Mana
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Re: where is lollipop 5.0

Thanx for the very detailed report.  Even though my phone did download 5.0, fortunately it did not auto-install.  After reading many threads on this subject, your report alone is enough to keep me from updating (or should I say down-grading) to Lollipop.

I just got my LG G3 (with Kit-Kat) 10 days ago; partially because of the excellent lease option (been with Sprint for 15+ years) and because I did the Lollipop update on my HTC One (M7) -- HORRIBLE U/D.

So THANX Again My_Broken_Wings.  Cheers.


Re: where is lollipop 5.0

Welcome. My only complaint is the button layout. And annoying notifications. But hopefully a future update to my CM clean master will elimite the permanent lock screen notification. Of I remove it from lock screen notification, it removes the quick settings in the drop down drawer too. Other than that, the phones fine. Battery is starting to stabilize. And gifs work again. I didn't do a factory reset after update (didn't feel like going through all the b.s. of reinstalling every thing).

My network is better. More bars and better overall spark speed. So the update did help with that.

I updated an HTC M8 in store (15 mins my behind) takes nothing short of an hour all told. Because I was curious how it'll look since I also won an HTC One E8 during the holiday giveaway from sprint. (didn't like it, that's why I got the LG g3 although it renewed my contract) as far as the M8 goes, it didn't change the buttons as I was told by another user that some companies were going mostly stock for the lollipop update. So it did fully update, but the skin stayed intact. So it's there, but the phone looks the same overall as before. Props to HTC. Why they changed the layout on the LG makes no sense. Why it mattered made no sense either.

For the HTC m8 though, the update was huge 738mb. But asthetically it remained untouched for the most part. So I'm assuming the HTC E8 would be the same. (same screen and internals exactly as the M8, just a polycarbonate shell and a 13mp camera). Still have it. But I received it in December, but it cannot be found anywhere, but a select few Sprint Stores. And I still have it, because the trade in value was laughable. Even sealed unused in the box. I was offered $40 total as credit at the local sprint store. For a phone they sell wholesale for $500.

As for my LG g3. I got it for a penny. At best buy (they price matched Amazon). Best $56.01 I paid for a 2yr contract. Overall I really like this phone.

If you update. You do get better signal and battery life once it levels itself out. For me, it's just the new notification layout, and button design that annoys me. But other than that, it's fine. Just wish they left the buttons alone....


Re: where is lollipop 5.0

Not to mention. The moderators keep deleting my post on my experience with lollipop. I've replied to several forums on how it looks and what it does. To help many out, especially thoughs asking where The update is. And the moderators just keep removing them. God, it was an honest post. And I thought it was quite informative if not a tad long. But still. I thought that's what these forums were for. So we could ask questions, and provide info or answers for others if they answer the question.


Re: where is lollipop 5.0

the screens seem to be lower a bit no matter the manufacturer. the M7's lock screen key pad is lower so more often than not if you need to hit ok you end up hitting 9 instead now..aside from that its running smoothly for me..but im also on a different device..which was mentioned above by someone else.

personally i dont think its worth running through the streets cheering about it either..not impressed or blown away in the least..

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