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Final review of the LG G4 and its camera - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


I received my LG G4 over a month ago and I have enjoyed reviewing the phone. LG UI comes with widgets and apps I like to use so I look forward to LG phones. When I received my LG G4, I received a Spiegen Light Armor case along with a Otterbox Commuter. The Otterbox was the only one that would fit the leather back on my LG G4, although it felt to bulky for me to use. Spiegen is one of my favorites because of their slim design and kickstands that come on the Slim Armor cases. This is the first phone in a while where I have not felt like I needed a case because of the leather back was to nice to cover up.


I live in the country and I am able to maintain a phone call without dropping it from when I leave the office all the way home. The battery last as expected with a 5.5 inch display depending on the apps I use. Other than making and receiving calls, the next important feature on a phone for me is the camera. I am picky when it comes to cameras because they have to be fast and accurate. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was the phone I used before I switched to my LG G4. Both phones have great cameras and lighting is always key in taking a great picture....

Comp 3.PNG

I took the comparison pictures while at lunch at Chick-fil-A because they always have interesting and different flowers everyday. I have taken several pictures over the month and the examples I have here stood out over the others...

Comp 1.PNG

The Pro mode on the Galaxy S6 is easier to use than the Manual mode on the LG G4. The reason is all the settings are in landscape view and if you want to take a picture in portrait view it is hard to adjust some of the settings and take the picture. The LG G4 allows for more light to come in with the settings available and in automatic mode. The interesting part of taking all of these pictures for comparison was how the pictures looked on the phone versus how they look when I upload them. I am leaning towards the LG G4 more for pictures than my S6 Edge


Taking pictures of my daughters grow up is very important as every moment is special to me. I want to make sure I can capture their smile when taking a picture and not miss it because the camera is to slow. The LG G4 provides a very fast and accurate camera and I have really enjoyed reviewing this phone. I will let you be the judge on which pictures between the LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is better...

Visit a Sprint store and check out the LG G4...



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