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LG G4 - Event Pocket - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G4 - Event Pocket

LG has added some great features to the G4 device. One of my favorites is the Event Pocket add-on built into the calendar. This feature allows users to add events to the calendar in a simplistic drag and drop way. While within the calendar this feature is the icon in the top right hand corner and is the shape of an envelopeEvent Pocket.jpg.  When selecting the icon you are presented with 4 menu options to choose from File Folder, Facebook, GPS, and Task.

File Folder allows you to add items to the Event Pocket from the image folder or memo pad. To do this the user will select the plus + icon located top right inside the panel. Once selected the user will be presented with a pop up to select either image or memo. After selecting image you will be brought to your image gallery where you can choose the image you want to add to the pocket. Once selected press okay and the image appears in the panel for the event pocket. You can then drag the image to a date of choosing and the calendar will create an event with that image attached to it. You can then select the event and change the time and add any additional information needed.

Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-41-51.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-42-27.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-43-45.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-14-51-56.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-14-52-02.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-14-55-10.png

When activated the Facebook option allows the ability to sync the events listed and associated with you. Select this option and the panel will change to show you all the events. To add an event to the calendar simply click the event and a pop up will be presented with the option to "Add Event" or select "OK" to dismiss. Once clicking "Add Event" you will be given the option to set the time and reminders and add any notes needed. Simply click save and your done.

Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-42-34.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-43-11.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-14-57-57.png

Selecting the GPS icon will present you options for various choices based on your location. These choices can be changed based on your preferences. Above the list presented will be 2 options. The first option on the left is a category selection. This will detail the options added to the list presented to you. Choose from the following Culture & Arts, Shopping, Accommodation, Food & Beverage, and Life. You can one or all of them selected. The option   next is the location you are searching. The application will choose the area you are in right now based on your GPS signal. This can be changed by selecting the name and the map will pop up with a search bar. Enter the address you are looking for and select okay. Once complete you will again have a list of options based on the criteria entered. Same as the previous section you can add anything from this selection to be created as an even for reminding later on.

Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-43-20.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-15-32-18.png

The final selection for the Event Pocket is the Task section. If you use tasks here you can take the tasks and place them into an event for reminder to be done and then share those event with others so they can help assist in the outstanding tasks.


I wanted to show how I use this feature. Take for instance you are planning an event or party and you found something on a website you wanted to use for the party, like a recipe. You can have this website added as an event to be reminded of it on the day of the event. To do this while in the browser select the menu - click share - click calendar - and select pocket. This will save this website as an entry in your pocket to then be placed when ready into the calendar and on the date needed. You can then also add pictures and notes as you would any other calendar event you can create.  Hope you enjoyed learning about this feature and give it a try you may actually like it.

Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-45-56.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-10-49-12.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-11-25-19.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-11-25-26.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-11-25-54.png Screenshot_2015-07-12-15-57-24.png

And for those who like video here is a short one showing how this works.

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