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LG G4 - Unique Ringtones - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG G4 - Unique Ringtones

With the new LG UX4 User Interface one of the features I am using all the time is the new Ringtone ID. I'm not one to constantly change my ringtones. For the longest time I would simply use the same one on each phone I had. If it didn't have the ringtone I liked to use I would move the one I have used onto the device. This is first Time I have not used my regular ringtones.

The Ringtone ID's is a fairly simple to setup. The feature can be accessed by going to Settings - Sound Tab - under the Sound Section. Here you can actively enable Ringtone ID's by selecting to turn it on or off. If you click on the name "Ringtone ID" you will be brought to a sub menu for this option. Here you can select how the Ringtone ID will be used. Ringtone ID can be set for Everyone, Only Contacts, or just Favorites. Me I choose just to use my favorites.

Screenshot_2015-06-28-07-24-10.png Screenshot_2015-07-05-09-52-16.png Screenshot_2015-07-05-09-52-29.png

Ringtone ID works by creating a unique ringtone based on the caller's phone number.  Certain digits determine the key and chord progression, then the actual phone number determines the notes played. To hear what Ringtone you have for someone just visit their contact card in your phone book scroll down to Ringtone ID and press the Play button. If the user has multiple numbers you will be given options to select the number you wish to hear.


BE PREPARED - These tones are very basic almost whimsically sounding. I would compare it to a music box sound style. Hopefully they come out with options to change up the style maybe make it guitar riffs, or drums, or even brass horns. I'm sure this concept will be built on and look forward to the coming changes. In essence this is a nice change to the generic style sounds that are also included. This makes each person calling you unique in style and allows recognizing of them to be easily identified. As always if you are a 1 tone type of person you can always just set that up. As for me I will use this feature as I find it very cool.

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