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G4 failure


G4 failure

I leased two G4 phones at the end of December 2015 (so 18 months ago).  My wife uses her phone for wifi and data much more than I do and frankly when it is used a lot it gets hot.  A couple months ago we started having problems getting her phone to charge.  After going through several different cords, we found one that worked every time and then the phone began turning itself off and rebooting at random times.  A couple weeks ago it turned off and would not come back on.  The battery was fully charged and I even traded batteries with my identical phone and her battery worked in my phone but mine did not start hers.  I took the phone to the Sprint store locally (we got the phone at the mall store 100 miles southeast of here) and were told they could do nothing and we would have to pay 280 dollars to pay off the phone before leasing or buying another one since we did not have insurance on the phone.  I am very upset over this.  I went and got her a prepaid phone and it works so well that I might as well finish off the next six months with Sprint and then go the prepaid route.  What is the advantage of leasing a phone if Sprint will not take care of the phone.  It was used, not abused, not dropped, not put in water, or anything else.  It had a protective case.  We used the charger it came with.  Grrrrr.

Sprint Employee

Re: G4 failure

Hello tomtuba1956.

We are very sorry to read about your device. We are very concern to read that you are thinking about leaving Sprint post-pay over this incident. We would like the chance to review your account. We just sent you a Private Message, please reply back as soon as you can.

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