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LG G4 stuck in bootloop


LG G4 stuck in bootloop

Ok, well my patience and my frustration are in small capacity at this point and time with my local Sprint store #2068. Their deceitful practices and treatment of consumers is beyond despicable. I have already had to replace 2 LG G4 mobile devices due to a KNOWN defect and recall. After my last trip to this store I asked the cust service rep to replace my device PRIOR to it crashing and freezing the way the other 2 G4"s on my account had done. The rep informed me that they were required to evaluate the device at the time it malfunctions, WELL EINSTEINS by the time that happens it is to late and everything on the device is LOST forever, like it is NOW, since they wouldn't address the issue BEFORE it happened. That was done with malicious,negligent, intentional deceitful practice  The store in house technician was attempting to tell me that my device was NOT included (at that time the other LGG4"s needed to be replaced) and although the majority of the consumers do NOT properly educate themselves prior to visiting the store, I however did ,and Chris the tech still attempted to tell me otherwise til I insisted he verify my claims in regards to the recall. I asked for a manager and he directed to me to Jordan who was in fact NOT a manager to tell me the same this he just did. The worst part of this all is the ACTUAL manager was sitting right there allowing these clowns to portray themselves as management so he wouldn't have to deal with me, THEY REFUSED TO GIVE ME ANOTHER DEVICE I AM WITHOUT A phone completely. I  will be seeking legal advice to PROMPTLY remedy this situation as SPRINT seems to think it is OK to NOT properly replace a recalled product as agreed upon with LG electronics. Either that or these jackwagons at this store are just fraudulent.

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Hope they were able to help you.


Unfortunately, the people here seem like they are really no help at all.

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