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"Invalid SIM" on phone that's supposed to be unlocked


"Invalid SIM" on phone that's supposed to be unlocked

Sprint has repeatedly told me my phone should be unlocked, but clearly that is not the case. My phone still says "Invalid SIM" when trying the SIM card for my other carrier (Mint).


I was provided an MSL code to give my other carrier, but they have no way of using it and say that on their end, the phone still looks locked.


I read a story on the Sprint forums ( where this guy got Sprint to give him a code he could type in to finally get his phone unlocked. Thus far, I've gone through the same exact problems this guy has and I'm convinced I need this same code, otherwise nothing will change.


It's been 3 days of fighting this...

Sprint Employee

Re: "Invalid SIM" on phone that's supposed to be unlocked

kyledawg92, please check my reply to your message in the topic Supposedly sim unlocked phone says "invalid sim" with non-Sprint sim. I will be assisting you with this issue in that thread.


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