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Always Listening - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG did something with the G5 that isn't necessarily new but that other OEMs either don't have or have made incomplete implementations off. I'm talking about the always listening feature of Google Now.

All current Android handsets have the ability to always listen while the screen is on and while the phone is charging. This is easily enabled through the Google settings. The LG G5, unlike most phones, can be set to listen at all times. This translates into completely handsfree operation of Google now.
How useful is this?

Scenario: You are washing dishes and need to text your friend to tell him/her that you will be running late to dinner.

Doing so is as easy as saying "OK Google, Tell [insert friend's name] I'm running late because dinner took longer to make than I expected. I should be there in like 20 minutes."

That's it. You don't have to wake up the phone. You don't have to touch the phone with your wet hands. This means you don't have to risk water damage to your phone.

Scenario 2: You are nice and comfortable in bed. The room is freezing cold. (I'm in Florida but I make my AC work at night.) You realized you need to set up an alarm to wake you up at 7:00AM or else you'll be late to an appointment.

I don't know about you but once I'm comfortable in bed, it takes a lot to get me out of it. With the LG G5, you can just say, "Ok Google, set an alarm for 7AM." from under the sheets.

To enable this feature:

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