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How to add the Cam Plus to a LG G5 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

1.pngI have been curious about the LG Cam Plus since LG announced the LG Friends for the LG G5. A couple of weeks ago I added a LG Cam Plus to my LG G5 and I am really enjoying the enhancements it adds to the camera. Cam Plus adds a physical button for turning the camera on/off, zoom, shutter and recording. The LG CAM Plus comes with a built-in 1,200 mAh battery to power the camera module and will also charge the LG G5 battery when the camera is in use. One of things I have found that I really like is the ability to zoom in and out with the Zoom Key. The Zoom Key makes it a lot easier to take advantage of the rear camera lens on the G5.

There are a few steps to go through in adding the Cam Plus module to the G5 and they are very easy. The hardest part in adding the LG Cam Plus to my G5 was removing the battery from the chin of the phone because it felt like it might break. Another member of our team posted a blog on how to remove the battery here LG G5 - Proper Battery Removal

Once the battery has been removed, insert the battery into the Cam Plus module and slide it into the G5. Pull up the Friends app to start the installation of the LG Cam Plus Manager app. I captured several screenshots of this process along with updating the software on the Cam Plus.

Install 1.PNG

Installing the Cam Plus was easy and only took about 2 minutes to install. My Cam Plus had a software update available and this took a little more time to than the install. Mostly because I was learning the buttons and trying to use them both at the same time without dropping my G5. I had to press and hold On/Off key and Record key at the same time for 5 seconds, I was not sure I had the Record key pressed so I went through this step of the update a few times.

Install 2.PNG

The question I have received from some demos of the Cam Plus with my G5 is why do I like and what are the advantages of having it. For me the biggest advantage is Zoom in/out Key (wheel) provides the ability to take advantage of both lens when zooming in or out. This is much easier than tapping on the screen to see which lens to use for taking a picture. Plus, using the Zoom Wheel I am able to capture my subject much faster with the Zoom Key. When you have a 3 and 6 year old running around, you have to be very fast to capture them.... The ability to use autofocus with a half-press of shutter key is helpful and similar to my Nikon.

LG G5 Cam+.pngexperience-of-real-1600x840_CAM-Plus_M01C.jpg

The Cam Plus provides the ability to take pictures with one hand, although I still use both hands for comfort and safety. On the back of Cam Plus is a raised back with rubber backing to make it easier to grip with one hand. Another reason I use both hands is with the Cam Plus attached, my Spigen case cannot be used so the phone is unprotected from accidental drops. I did find a 3rd party clear gel case made for the G5 with Cam Plus attached that I have ordered from South Korea.

I really like the Cam Plus attachment and it really enhances the camera features on the LG G5 and only adds 1.95 oz to the phone. Those I have shown the Cam Plus to have liked it also and said they would pick one up for their G5.

For more information on the LG G5, please visit and check out the LG Cam Plus.



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