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LG G5 Optical Image Stabilization

Sprint Product Ambassador

G5 logo.pngG5 photo.pngThe main lens of the G5 already lets in more light than most smartphones, which means that it will produce better photographs in low light.  It also has a slightly wider field of view than other smartphones, which provides a natural form of image stabilization.  It goes a step further with a clever device known as optical image stabilization, or OIS for short.


Suppose you are about to take a photo, but just as you touch the screen or press the down-volume button to take it, you jerk the phone just a bit.  The OIS employed on the G5 can move the lens slightly in the opposite direction that you may have moved.  In 3-Axis.pngfact, this particular OIS system moves the lens along three different axises; vertically, horizontally, and rotationally, (clockwise or counter-clockwise).  It does this very quickly, and can move in any of the three axises needed for any given shot.


To activate it, open the camera app on your G5 then press on the gear icon in the corner of your screen; it will either be top-left or Screenshot_2016-06-08-13-59-11.pngbottom-left corner of your screen depending on how your phone is orientated. The icon you are looking for is a hand with shaky lines around it indicating movement.  It is labeled "OIS", but can be toOIS.jpgggled to "Steady", which then shows an icon with a camcorder and a hand.  For still photography, leave it on "OIS"; for video, change it to "Steady".


Video recording never uses the full resolution of the sensor, so enabling "Steady" allows the G5 to automatically use digital steady.jpgstabilization by varying the crop area it selects the video from.  You essentially have a buffer space of recording area on the sensor that would not normally be used for recording that now can be accessed in order to provide less apparent movement.  It works very well in practice.  You would not want to use this steady-cam method for still photography though, as you would be effectively reducing the resolution of your photographs. 


Very nice photos can be taken in incredibly low light with the triple threat 20160603_211310_HDR-01.jpgof a slightly wider angle lens, the wide aperture, and the excellent three axis optical stabilization built into the G5's main camera.  Remember too that you can also shoot RAW images on the G5 and develop them with apps such as Snapseed.  This will give you even better low light performance.  Go out and see what you can do at20160607_203525_HDR-01.jpg night without the flash.  You'll be impressed at how sharp your photos will come out.


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