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LG G5 - Ringtone ID - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey again, everyone!

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I had the LG G4 last year and blogged about it through the Product Ambassador Team just like I am doing now for the LG G5.  I previously wrote an article on using Ringtone ID on the LG G4, and thought it would be useful to have a new one on the LG G5 since the feature transferred over to the new device.

Check out my LG G4 blog on Ringtone ID Here

Ringtone ID - What is it?

Ringtone ID is a fun way to automatically assign a different ringtone to the people who call you.  The phone determines a different melody sequence based on the numbers in the phone number that is calling you.  Each tone is unique, which takes some time out of assigning a specific ringtone to each contact. 

How to access / turn on 

To access Ringtone ID and turn it on, navigate to Settings (slide your notification tray down and click the gear in the upper right), then click 'Sound,' and scroll to 'Ringtone ID.' From here, you can simply slide the switch to 'ON,' or you can customize it a bit by tapping on the Ringtone ID option.


In the customization settings, make sure to slide the feature to ON. Then, you can click on 'Compose Ringtones for' and select the option you want.  The three options include all incoming calls, contacts only, or favorites only.  This allows you to customize the callers that will have a unique melody play each time they call you. 



I have set mine to all incoming calls, which will give each incoming call a unique tone.  With this setting turned on, or even the 'contacts only' option turned on, you can preview the ringtone that you will hear when a particular number calls you.  Simply navigate to your contacts by tapping the phone icon and clicking contacts at the top.  Click a contact and you will see the 'ringtone ID' under the ringtone section.  Click the play button to hear what the ringtone will sound like when that caller calls you.



The Ringtone ID feature was a nice addition to the LG G4, and I am happy to see that it has made its way to the LG G5 as well.  It is just another feature that enhances personalization of the device to fit your needs and preferences.  Sure, you can download numerous ringtones from various apps such as Zedge, but it takes time and valuable space in your phone.  The Ringtone ID feature makes it convenient to set unique personalized ringtones for each contact or caller, and it doesn?t take up any additional space on the device. 

If you want to see it in action and/or hear how Ringtone ID works, check out my video below!

As always, thank you for reading.  Have you used Ringtone ID? How do you like it?  

Until next time!

~ Troy

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