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LG G5 - Spigen Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey everyone!

(If images appear compressed on mobile long-press and open images in new tab/window to see full image)

I wanted to close out my blog series on the LG G5 with one on a protective case that I utilized over the last six weeks.  I am an avid proponent of utilizing a case with devices for numerous reasons 

  1. Your phone costs $500+ in most cases, it deserves to be protected and in like-new condition
  2. It protects the screen from cracks if dropped
  3. It can make your device look and feel better
  4. It prevents a trip to a Sprint store for repair services because your phone is broken/non-functional (in many cases)

I was able to utilize the Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion (clear) case with my LG G5 over the last six weeks, and it really helped out more than I anticipated.  It was a great case for the most part, but it did have its shortcomings, which I will discuss.

I liked the case because it did not obstruct my device visibility.  I was able to see the color of the device and the metal frame in all of its glory through the clear case.  This is great because I typically choose a device color to have it show, not for it to be hidden.  Additionally, it fit snugly to my device and did not add very much thickness or weight to the device ? This is a must because thick cases add bulk and weight that can become bothersome.

The case protected my phone from numerous falls over the last six weeks.  I found times where I thought I inserted the phone in my pocket only to realize it missed it entirely and fell to the ground.  The UH Air Cushion case has reinforced corners that provide additional cushion when the device falls ? this is exactly why my device did not succumb to injury after falling numerous times.  I did drop the device face-down once, but Spigen thought about this as well and incorporated slightly raised edges around the phone display so that it helps keep the screen protected. 

Here are some images of the case on my LG G5:


Now time for what I didn?t like?

I utilize a Spigen Vent Mount to hold my device to my vents in my vehicle.  It utilizes a metal plate either adhered to the back of a device (without a case) or inserted into a Spigen case to connect to the magnetic vent mount.  Unfortunately, the metal plate that I utilized severely scratched the inside of the case due to movement.  I have multiple scuff marks on the inside of the case from the metal plate.  I should note that this is not necessarily a design flaw, but rather stubborn decision-making on my end.  Spigen suggests that the metal plate is adhered to the back of the phone with included adhesive tape; however, I personally opt to not adhere to my device to keep it clean and to allow the ESN to be accessed easily.  Therefore, since I did not adhere the metal plate to my device, it was able to move and cause the scuffs on the inside of the UH Air Cushion case.

The other issue that many case manufacturers have not taken into account is the headset jack opening.  I utilize headphones that have a fairly large connector on the 3.5mm jack.  I use my ATH-M50 headset with my devices, which includes a fairly large 3.5mm jack; however, this case and many others do not accommodate for this size of a plug.  The plug is unable to be fully inserted because the hole on the case is not large enough, therefore disallowing me to use the headset.  This is a problem throughout numerous case manufacturers and not specifically a Spigen problem; however, I would really love it if Spigen could enlarge the hold near the headset jack just slightly to accommodate for larger plug adapters?

Here you can see that it is unable to be fully inserted:

Overall, I would absolutely recommend this case, even with its shortcomings.  The shortcomings are more of a personal issue and not a problem with the case itself.  If you want to maximize usage of your LG G5 and protect it from bumps, scrapes and scratches, then the Ultra Hybrid Air Cushion (clear) case is a must.  Investing in this case is an inexpensive solution to a potentially expensive problem if the device was broken from a fall.  Your phone loves you and you love it, make sure you invest in its protection!

Until next time!


- The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee