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Secure the LG G5 with Fingerprint lock & backup PIN - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador


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One of the changes LG made to the G5 was the addition of a fingerprint sensor. Adding the fingerprint sensor moved the volume controls to the side of the phone. When I first read about this change I was undecided because I was so use to controlling the volume from the back of the phone on my G2, G3, G4, Flex and Flex 2 so this was a big change to me.

Capture.PNGNow that I have been using my G5 for over a week, I have found the fingerprint sensor on the back very handy as it was very easy to setup and unlocks the phone even faster.... Setting up my fingerprint to secure my phone took me less than a minute and has been very fast & accurate since I set it up. I only used my index/pointer finger from each hand so that I could open it up easily with either hand while holding my phone. I noticed I hold my phone with index finger about where the sensor is generally so made the most since for me.


Here are the step by step directions for adding...

  1. To set up Fingerprint recognition, you must set a Screen lock.
  2. From the home screen, swipe down the Status Bar.
  3. Tap the Settings icon.
  4. From the General tab, scroll to and tap Fingerprints & security.
  5. Tap Fingerprints.
  6. Tap NEXT ( don't forget to check out Fingerprint registration message)
  7. Select a screen lock option and continue (I uses PIN on mine)
  8. Tap NEXT.
  9. Repeatedly place your finger on the Power key until the circle is filled, moving it to slightly different positions each time.The device will vibrate each time it successfully senses your fingerprint.
  10. Now you can add additional fingerprints by tap ing ADD MORE or tap OK to continue.
  11. Fingerprint lock is now enabled.
    • Note: To be able to unlock the device using your fingerprint, ensure the Screen lock switch is ON and then simply place finger across the Power key when the device is locked.

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