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Two months with LG G5 - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Capture.PNGA few months ago I received my LG G5 and could not wait to activate it. One of the first things I noticed after going through setup process was LG removed the App Drawer leaving all my apps across multiple pages. I really did not like this at all and went looking for a 3rd party app drawer through Google Play and ended up using the App Drawer LG had available through their download site. I have more information on App Drawer here How to add LG G5 App Drawer. The app drawer missing was pretty big to me, although it was an easy fix.

I had one more thing that bothered me about the G5 that I had grown use to with previous LG G series models. Starting with the LG G2, LG had both the power button and volume rockers on the back of the phone. I found the volume rocker buttons on the back really convenient and more natural feeling than on either side of the phone. This change though was for the better because LG added a fingerprint sensor and changed how the battery is placed in the phone. After using the phone for awhile I found that I did not really use the volume controls as much as I do the fingerprint sensor. Fingerprint sensors on other phones are not as convenient as the one with G5 and it is fun to play with my daughter with the sensor on the back. My daughter thought it was a magic trick turning my screen on & off without touching anything on the phone other than the back of it. After letting her try several times I showed her how I was able to turn my screen on and off like that and she loved it.... Setting up fingerprint security is very easy with details in another blog posted here Secure the LG G5 with Fingerprint lock & backup PIN. Knowing that my phone is now secured in case it is lost or stolen makes me feel better since it used for work and personal use.


Two months later and I still have not gotten much further in the Android Marshmallow hidden game How to access hidden Marshmallow game on LG G5. I do play other games on my G5 like Game of War, Candy Crush, (daughter loves it) and of course the latest craze Pokemon Go. Our favorite stop now is the library and shopping center to visit PokeStops. I have only been playing Pokemon on my G5 for a couple of weeks now... my wife likes capturing Pokemon on my phone while I am driving. I have been really impressed with the G5 removable 2800 mAh Lithium Ion modular battery.

g5 gunmetal.jpgMy Spigen Slim Armor case has saved my LG G5 several times over the last couple of months getting out of my truck, handing my phone to my daughter to play with and several other accidental drops. Other than the protection Spigen cases provide, the built in kickstand is one of my favorite features of the case. I have more information on Spigen cases and where to pick one up here Spigen Military Grade protection on my LG G5: Sprint Product Ambassadors. Not every case is the same and I want to keep my G5 around in one piece and not multiple pieces from dropping it. Spigen did a great job of making sure the fingerprint sensor, 16 MP Rear facing camera + 8 MP wide angle lens camera and other features are not blocked in anyway. I have seen some cheap cases that interfere with phone functioning correctly.

One of the things that makes the LG G5 unique is that the phone is modular phone. I added a LG Cam Plus to my G5 and really enjoyed using it. The only downside of using the Cam Plus is a different case is needed to protect the phone from accidental drops. I never dropped my G5 while I had my Cam Plus attached, although I was worried about dropping it.

Adding the Cam Plus is easy and I posted a blog on that here How to add the Cam Plus to a LG G5. The part most are uncomfortable with is removing the battery. The Cam Plus really makes taking pictures easier using the wheel to take advantage of both lens on the phone. I was able to take some great pictures on a business trip last week to Sprint HQ.


I have not missed my other phone at all since swapping to my LG G5 and I really liked my other phone with the larger screen. The downside is it did not have a microSD card slot and 32GB of storage is not much these days with larger cameras, documents and other things I use on my phone. I have recommended the LG G5 to my family and friends several times already.

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