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Using a Micro SD Card as External Storage on the LG G5

Sprint Product Ambassador

G5 logo.pngG5 photo.pngsandisk-ultra-200gb-microsd.jpg

The LG G5 supports micro SD cards up to 200 Gigabytes in capacity, which means that you could store over thirty-thousand photographs taken at full resolution.


Use the tiny SD tray removal tool that came with your phone to remove the tray, or, if you've lost it, you can use a paperclip.



Carefully insert the Micro SD card into the left and larger slot of the tray, then return the tray to its cavity.  Power the phone back on.

Launch the camera app.


You can always toggle camera storage to the internal memory of the phone or the Micro SD card by access the setting menu in the camera.


It is also useful for storing mp3's or possibly documents, such as e-books. I use it to download albums from Amazon Prime for listening to offline.



You can get detailed instructions on adding a micro SD card to your G5 at the URL below.

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