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Changing ringtones?

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Changing ringtones?

Does anyone know how to change the text message and mms ringtone to something other than the factory installed ringtones?


Changing ringtones?

Hi rhsmom

Have you already downloaded your own ringtones or music?

Changing ringtones?

There are several apps in the market that allow you to make your own ringtones that will save to your phone for notifications. One in particular that I use is Ringdroid...very great, never had any issues. Please be advised that applications from the android market are considered 3rd party and not something that Sprint supports. If you do run into any issues, please feel free to contact the developer. Contact info for each developer is usually found within the application. Hope this is helpful.




Changing ringtones?

Thank you so much I am completely new to the whole smart phone thing! So I was completely clueless!

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