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Jellybean update


Jellybean update

Anyone have any info on potential update for marquee from GB 2.3 to JB 4.0?


Re: Jellybean update

Not gonna happen. They couldn't even release their newest and first ever high end phone the Optimus G with Jelly Bean at launch.


Re: Jellybean update

Kinda figured as much, taking into account who we are talking about here. Sprint always seems to behind the curve by a good 6 to 9 months. Had a Photon 4G (a nightmare phone unto itself) and was told that it was going to be upgraded to JB 4 by the retailer, but the supreme powers of Sprint decided too much effort to upgrade the Photon 4G at the last minute, just easier to sell me a new Photon 4G LTE phone instead. Super-duper customer service there, Sprint. With service like this, it'll be hard to say goodbye at the end of my contract.

OK, so I lied. Ain't goint to miss this nonsense at all.

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