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Marquee photos missing from Android Gallery

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Marquee photos missing from Android Gallery

My Marquee has this wierd issue with the photos it takes. Only the first two taken with the phone will show up in the Gallery, so that subsequent photos cannot be uploaded to Facebook (for example) as a "mobile upload" to the web. All the photos are safely on my SD card, in the same foldr as the two that show in the Gallery, so nothing is actually missing.

I tried uploading to facebook with the "finder" app ES Explorer instead of Gallery, but the phone won't upload any photo I specify unless it is in the Gallery.

I tried copying the photos to the Downloads folder, expecting the Gallery to pick them up like anything else I download from the web, but that didn't work. How wierd!

Then I tried deleting the first two photos I had taken, figuring that the next two in sequence would show up in the Gallery, but instead there were no photos in the Gallery at all. That is, until I took more photos. Then, only the first two taken after deleting the original first two photos show in the Gallery, and all those taken after that don't show up.

Yes, I already tried factory resets - three times - with no change.

My question(s): Has anyone else had this problem with photos not showing in the Gallery? If so, is this problem known by LG and will it be fixed in the anticipated software update to fix the random reboots and freezes described in other discussion threads?


Re: Marquee photos missing from Android Gallery

     I haven't seen this happen specific to the Marquee model. It sound like you may have some corrupt data on the sd card. When reading the card, the phone could just be stopping once it reaches the problematic file. I would try deleting the first few pictures that is DOESN'T see. Frankly, that's the only good idea I have. Let me know if it works.



Re: Marquee photos missing from Android Gallery

You were right! I swapped out microsd cards and took 3 photos, which all appeared in the Gallery, along with those I took at Christmas! Thank you!


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