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Multiple Notification Ringtones


Multiple Notification Ringtones

Can someone please tell me how I can set up different ringtones for my email account and my text messages? It's only allowing me to use the same ringtone for both. There must be a way to have 2 types but I can't figure it out!!! Please help it's driving me crazy!!!

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Re: Multiple Notification Ringtones

I would suggest you to create 3 different folders on the SD card, Ringtones, Notifications, Alarms, Then drag/drop the sound files into the folder you wish them to be associated with. If the phone already has the folders you can drag/drop them into those, Or just create them on the SD card and the programs will find them when called for. I always create them myself on the card and drag/drop the sound files into them as it will take up no space on the internal memory that way.

Hope this helps


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