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Unable to stay connected.....


Unable to stay connected.....

Ok i just got the phone and everytime i go into work or my apartment i loose connection.

NO other phone i have has done this and other people at work are all connected.

Does the Marquee have  issues on how much  power or is the antenna bad?

Not good service .



Do you mean you drop the call or you lose data connection or both? Did you have a previous Sprint device that worked at these addresses? to determine coverage you can go to - For us to help we need to know  where are you experiencing the problems? Inside of your home, outdoors while driving, or inside and outside of a specific location? The best possible idea is to use a business very near your location – and let us know if you are North or South etc from that location – and approximately how far from it. With that information we can look up the cell sites closest to you and see if they have experienced any outages, or if tickets have already been submitted for them. We discourage putting your actual home address in for privacy reasons.

There are not hordes of people with the device having connection issues so we really need to know where this is happening. If other Sprint users have better service than you the device could be the problem. An authorized Sprint repair center can test the signal ability of the device.


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