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3/7 - LG Optimus G Software Update - Jellybean Android 4.1.2 (LS970ZVB)


3/7 - LG Optimus G Software Update - Jellybean Android 4.1.2 (LS970ZVB)

LG Optimus G Software Update - LS970ZVB


- Android 4.1.2 Jellybean   

  - Google Now™

  - Expandable, actionable notifications

  - Android Beam™ to send photos and more

- QuickTranslator application downloadable from the Application Manager

- Smoother user interface. Vsync timing across all drawing and animation done by the Android framework,

  including application rendering, touch events, screen composition and display refresh; and triple buffering

  in the graphics pipeline

- User-installable keyboard maps

- Ability to turn off notifications on an app specific basis

- Shortcuts and widgets can automatically be re-arranged or re-sized to allow new items to fit on home screens

- Bluetooth data transfer for Android Beam

- Improved voice search

- Improved camera app

- Android mobile version of Google Chrome replaces stock Android browser

- Ability for other launchers to add widgets from the app drawer without requiring root access

Important Notes

- Software version is LS970ZVB

- Refer to the LG Optimus G Software Update blog for install instructions

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you sure thats the correct version?


That's weird since ZVB has already rolled out... and documentation has previously communicated it'd be ZVB.

Care to explain?

Additionally, is there manual download location available since it's still not OTA for me yet?


Someone on here said ZVB was a leaked pre-release version.  Perhaps it meant "B" for Beta?


I never found any supporting evidence that there was a early release/soak, just a few defensive members of a certain dev forum that were not very interested in answering questions about ZVB

Originaly a download zip appeared there, then the OP's post was deleted

Other senior/RC members chimed in that "they saw" or "heard about" someone receiving the update OTA but offered no real proof and as I mentioned before became very defensive about the subject

Truth is the ZVB version had several issues, if it was the update or the way users installed it remains to be seen

I'm just glad the official OTA is here, now I'm just waiting for the notification that it's ready to install


thanks for correcting this


Oh goodness I'm so excited.

I got this phone because the awesome quadcore processor and 2GB RAM. Along with the LCD HD display and 13MP camera.

Truely a hard decision between the S3 (but I am glad I got this cause this phone can run circles around the S3 in a benchmark test) but my one issue was the fact it was still on Icecream Sandwich. But with the fact that I have no doubt the phone's hardware can definitely handle up to what is rumored about KeyLime Pie (btw if anyone finds anything out about the release of KLP please post...I've been looking all around the internet for info)

BUT ANYWAY BACK TO THE SUBJECT... I'm just very glad that I'm not having to wait long after getting the phone initially I can get the update to Jellybean. It was rumored all around the internet about it being released but with the fact that no one was saying specifics of what is going to happen and there was nothing officially from Sprint itself that the update was coming, I worried it was just simply that...rumors. But now I know for sure.

Thank you


Sprint changed the build info to ZVB

Hope we don't have all the issues others were with the early release, guess I stand corrected

I can admit it


Anyone have the Jellybean update yet?


Nothing (Az)

First wave  hit. .

Then seem quiet?

Anyone know how they 'roll. .?

By serial # ?

Or area.. ?


Nothing yet.


Nothing here either. Lame. (WI)

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