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Anybody notice the audio jack isn't that loud


Anybody notice the audio jack isn't that loud

I use my phone as a "ipod." My old phone was the Evo 3d, and when I plug it in to my car it was great. But with the Optimus G I plug it in and at max volume it is at least 25 percent quieter. My friend tried it on his head phones and didn't notice a difference. Is the phone possibly just bad? Or is this just less powerfull? I love everything about the phone but this, and it might be something to make me return it. I have also considered buying a headphone booster and putting it in my car, but I would like not having to spend more money on this.

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Re: Anybody notice the audio jack isn't that loud

My prior phone was the EVO LTE and I noticed sound output isn't quite as strong.  I downloaded a free EQ from the Playstore which allowed me to adjust the sound profile to my taste.  Give that a shot, might do the trick. 

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