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Blurry contacts and word suggestion...


Blurry contacts and word suggestion...

Hello All,

I got my Optimus G yesterday after upgrading from an EVO I had for 2 years (And loved)

So far I am impressed but I seem to be having a few minor issues .

I finally got around to syncing all my contacts with my facebook account today and all of the pictures that were put up on my contacts are VERY BLURRY! I don't remember having this issue on my EVO.

So I tried doing some internet searching and found out that this is a common issue. I tried deleting my google and facebook accounts off the phone. The I reloaded the contact. synced with facebook first BEFORE adding my google account and I still have the same problem. I had heard doing this fixed the issue in some phone models. No luck for me though. If you have synced your contacts with facebook how did you get around this issue?

Second thing....

I can't seem to turn off auto word suggestion.  I turned it off on the keyboard settings but it is STILL there. The only way I can get it to turn off the suggestions at the top of the keyboard is to remove the sype option. I go back and forth from syping and pecking. I may just be stuck having the word suggestions up there.

Otherwise, very fast, I love it, but I havn't had enough time to play with the camera yet to decide if it is completely worth not upgrading to the EVO LTE.



Re: Blurry contacts and word suggestion...

Here’s my somewhat time consuming process for near perfect CALLER ID pictures.

First step turn off your phone. It will be easier to sync once this is done.

I have Yahoo Mail import all my contacts emails from Facebook. Via CONTACTS > IMPORT

Once that’s done, I IMPORT the entire CSV to Google. Open gMAIL then hit the dropdown for GMAIL/ CONTACTS in the top LEFT corner. Select MORE tab then IMPORT the CSV file we saved.

You will undoubtedly see some doubles here or there. Select the MORE tab again then hit FIND & MERGE duplicates. If this hasn't work 100% you can merge individual contacts manually to perform a few tweaks match all the doubles.

Turn on the phone. SYNC ALL via SETTINGS > Accounts & Sync
Once done ( waited like 15-20 minutes.) Download SYNCMYPIX. (links below) If you have regular people names and not imaginary names (my cousin has some silly Facebook name) it should sync all the pics up quite nicely. If you have errors you can LONG PRESS on the YELLOW ? mark ones and manually assign the pictures. Should work pretty well.

If the PIXELATION is a pain during the incoming Caller ID then upgrade to HAXSYNC (paid app). In certain cases the picture on Facebook is poor quality and the resolution happens natively. Native Google contacts app uses a strangely lower resolution (96x96px). This was normal in the firsts Android versions.The new phones includes a large amount of memory and a large screens, and also, the new Android version (Ice Cream Sandwitch) predisposes to a better user experience. But, by default, the contact photos stored in Android 4.0 uses the older resolution (96x96px), and the photo contacts appears pixelated.

With an app called HD Contacts Photos (FREE) you can make a bulk update of your contact photos to a increased resolution (256x256px) that's shows much better in your new high end / high resolution devices.

Also, in older devices, that aren't running ICS, the app allows to make a bulk photo contacts update and increase the resolution to the device max supported size.


1) Place the desired contact photos (in PNG or JPG format) in a folder of your sdcard. I recommend to use square photos.
2) Open the app
3) Click settings and configure the sources folder to the stored photos folder
4) Go main window in the app
5) Select the photos that you want to update
6) Click the update photos button (the photos was automatically resized to the max resolution supported by the device).

There’s also ways around it but they are very time consuming like manually copying the Facebook pictures yourself to a folder named Facebook Pictures (respectively) on your device then using the People App and manually cropping them.

I know this process is long and arduous, but trust me, if done correctly (making sure gMAIL contacts match yMAIL contacts match Facebook contacts, etc) you will always have a perfectly clear and non pixilated profile pic on your caller id. I have tested this and it works.

Sync My Pix (FREE Solution)


Video Tutorial


Some Notes about using HAXSYNC for those OFF PUTTING names.
1) If your contact's name and FB profile dont match, link them (Go to people, click the contact then menu<edit<menu<join). If your friend is John Smith on FB and your phone says Jack Burton, this will make the John Smith photo sync under Jack Burton on your phone.

2) Next do System Settings<Accounts Sync<HexSync<Sync Prefs<Additional Friends to sync. Here you click the same FB profile name you linked in step 1. Then hit SyncNow. It's a pain you have to link it twice but it will work.

Sprint Employee

Re: Blurry contacts and word suggestion...

Hello butterflylpc, the reason they seem blurrier than you remember on your evo is because the pictures were compressed when saved ontacts to your sync account, many people find the best method to overcome this is to readd the photo from your new phone, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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Re: Blurry contacts and word suggestion...


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