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Disabling speed dial??


Disabling speed dial??

My son just upgraded to the LG Optimus G.  One of the agreements we have with him is the ability to review all traffic on his phone (test, web, etc.).  I have an app that does this but once it is downloaded on the phone you have to dial a two digit code to activate the application.  This was not an issue on his old phone but on the Optimus G when I attempt to dial the two digit code it automatically refers to the speed dial location.  I thought that I would work around that and saved the two digit code into one of the speed dial locations but it still does not work.  Is there a way to turn off the speed dial least long enough for me to activate the app?


Re: Disabling speed dial??

Could you momentarily remove the two digit code you need for your app from the contact that your son has assigned that speed dial number to?  That would free up the speed dial number.  On my phone, if I select any two digits and they don't refer to a contact, I get a "No speed dial assigned" message back.  Once you have the app activated, you could reassign the code to that contact (probably without him even knowing).


Re: Disabling speed dial??


We're here to help. As per MarkC50's suggestion, this may be the best work around. From the Phone icon hit MENU>SPEED DIAL. At the upper right side of the phone, there is a trash can. Tap the trash can icon to remove any or all speed dial assignments. Hope this helps.

Ruth E

Social Care Team

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