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Does LG Optimus G support SVDO and/or SVLTE ?


Does LG Optimus G support SVDO and/or SVLTE ?


I have a question and a favor to ask  for LG Optimus G users. Can someone please verify/confirm if their device supports SVDO and SVLTE ?



Re: Does LG Optimus G support SVDO and/or SVLTE ?


Thanks for reaching out to us, to confirm the specifications of the device and what it supports please review the user guide. The user guide can be seen by going to this webpage


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Re: Does LG Optimus G support SVDO and/or SVLTE ?


Although I appreciate your response, could you please be more specific. I would appreciate if you could confirm or deny these capabilities after verifying on a device rather than refer it to the User Guide. Before I posted this question, I already reviewed the User Guide. The User Guide posted on the link you provided doesn't mentioned anything about SVDO or SVLTE capabilities since these are Network dependent capabilities and the user guides are more generic.The only place it mentioned anything about 3G or LTE is when it talks about  Mobile Network Settings. Unless you have found it, could you please refer to a specific page or section ?

Just to re-iterate, I wanted to know

1) Does Sprint Network (3G and LTE) supports SVDO and/or SVLTE ? Rumors are that some HTC EVO LTE users were able to use this capability which would imply that the network does support it. Again, since this is unofficial, could you please verify it with your Sprint counterparts ?

2) Is the LG Optimus G capable to support this functionality and has it been verified ?

I posed this question in the user community because many times a device may be capable to support certain features, but the Network may not be able to support it or the device is restricted by the carrier (e.g. Sprint). The end users are the best testers when it comes to testing a functionality on a device. User Guides are meant for references.


Re: Does LG Optimus G support SVDO and/or SVLTE ?

If anyone is looking for this information like I was, I have already found the answer:

According to the FCC OEM test reports, LG Optimus G only supports SVLTE (3G Voice + LTE Data) and doesn't support SVDO (3G Voice + 3G Data).

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