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Jelly Bean = No Q-Slide?


Jelly Bean = No Q-Slide?

Jelly Bean on the LG Optimus G definitely added some welcome features, namely Google Now and enhanced Messaging, Calendar, and Contacts apps. However, the Sprint version of the LG Optimus G is missing a lot of features that are included in the international version of the phone with Jelly Bean. The features can be seen here:

The two most obvious missing features: Brightness slider in the notifications window and ALL of the Q-Slide features aside from the basic Q-Slide in the video app. No multiple windows. No added functionality for additional apps.

Is there any reason these features were removed from the Sprint version?


Are you sure they've been removed?  Perhaps you have them turned off and/or have an earlier "leaked" version of the update??


I have the regular OTA update, I got it on 3/14 with one of the first major rollouts. The basic Q-Slide feature with the Video app only (to make the video transparent at full screen) still works, but none of the Q-Slide features shown in the video in my original post are in this update. Also, the new features in the Notifications pulldown are not present aside from expandable notifications.

I'm just wondering why all of the features from the international Optimus G with Jelly Bean didn't make it into the Sprint version.


I just got the 4.1.2 update tonight. 

I do NOT see:

- The additional Q-Slide app options

- The new brightness slider in the LG video. 

However, I thought the new brightness slider was unecessary and would just clutter up the notifications tray.  Also, Qslide isn't really that useful other than for keeping videos on while doing other things with the phone.  Any other application is more interactive, and it would be hard to do mutiple things at once in my opinion.

I DO see:

- The new notifications, which ARE expandable, and they are also ACTIONABLE (e.g., reply to mail, etc.). 

- Google Now, which is working very well so far...and learning my life patterns quickly.  It works exactly the same as on my girlfriend's Galaxy SIII on Verizon.

- Improved keyboard voice type/search

- Improved Calculator 

- New Translate app and a Tasks app.  The Tasks app is weird, doesn't appear to synch with Google Tasks or anything else, so I'll keep using Astrid as my Task manager.

The animations and user interfaces are definitely smoother.  WeatherBug, in particular, FLIES under the new build....the complex screen effects in that app are nearly too fast to watch


I didn't even notice the Tasks app until I read your message.

It does seem strange to have a tasks app included in an Android release without the ability to sync with Google...

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