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LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

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Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

Hello again, I too wish you the best. I have looked at this phone, and used it first hand, what indications do you have that the preinstalled task manager is ATK?

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Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

Let me make this clear.  It is not a ATK.  It is a application called TASK MANAGER and it comes preloaded with the stock UI. Please double check. It is called TASK MANAGER.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

I've been using my LG Optimus G for a few days now and have noticed a few things you have as well.

LG UI does lag a bit. It became more noticeable the more I used the phone. I reset my phone and it is still there. I"ll probably end up installing a custom rom or waiting for Jelly Bean to fix this issue.

Under the Task Manager the Android OS does use a majority of the battery, I checked a friends SGIII and it was very similar in terms of %

Phone was overheating and I could not adjust the brightness higher than 72% but I think that was before the update and ECO mode

Other than that

Battery life is much better than my EVO 4G with a custom rom + 1900mAh anker battery and that includes many of the background aps I ran before.

Not only that but I keep my screen brightness MUCH higher on this phone. I also have no problems charging whatsoever so you probably had a defective unit.

IMO we are atleast 2 years away from bigger batteries and better battery technology. The fact that this quadcore monster lasts me 10+ hours of casual use and surfing works well enough for me.

***I'd like to add I don't run 4g or 4GLTE on either my old phone or this one. Sprints LTE has not been launched in my city yet.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

hey YCHO1979, i agree with most of the issues you listed. the camera is not as clear as i anticipated to be. i hate the fact that 32gb of memory was built in the phone and not a memory slot. i have had this phone for a day now and didnt notice any issues with the battery life yet. i see that loading some wallpapers takes a bit of time for a quadcore processor. i have the evo 4g LTE and honestly i would rather keep the LG optimus G. My girlfriend has the note II, the phone is zeee the greatest. I love the dual screen mode rather than LG's Q slide, its garbage!! Maybe if you made the switch I would recommend getting the note II, just a suggestion. LG could have done a better job with this phone. I'm dissapointed myself.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

Thank you for the input.  I thought about getting the Note II but the size 5.5" screen is just too big.  Although it has a 3100mAh battery which did tempt me into thinking about getting it.  I think I will stick with the Optimus G.  I just love how solid the phone feels but I think once the JellyBean update is out with the Project Butter feature the laggy UI should disappear. I also forgot to mention that when I use the Youtube app the screen freezed on me and at times would not load the video and the app would crash or would respond.  This might be an issue with the app not being compatible with the LG UI and I have heard that the update for the Firmware should fix this but it did not for me. Also, I have to agree with you on the Q-Slide function and that it is completely useless unless you have a bigger screen like the Note II. That feature is something I would not use.   *Side note.  I bought my phone from and returned it on NOV. 19 for an exchange and they just received it yesterday.  I have yet to get a confirmation for a replacement and today is NOV. 28.  If anyone is thinking about buying from don't.  They have the worst customer service.  I have emailed them and called them but no seems to know what the process is for a replacement phone or how long it will take and by now my time period for canceling this order has past so I guess this is their way of getting you stuck in their contract.  Shame on them and I would recommend buying your phone through Amazon Wireless instead because I bought my wife's phone through them and have never had a problem and they ship really fast.  Maybe I should just sell my replacement phone and wait for the Optimus G2 which is rumored to come out in the fall of 2013.  I heard that it will have a 5" Super ISP display with a quad core 2ghz processor.  I have yet to hear about the battery life or expandability.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

Phone Update.  So This is my new experience with the phone.  I finally received my replacement phone (3rd one) and used it for about a week and it works great.  The battery life has been pretty good so far with daily use.  I wake up at 3am to go to work and I unplug it at 3am and get home around 1pm and it still has more than half up to 60%.  Pretty good for checking e-mail, replying, surfing the web, sending text messages and using Taptu to check news.  The lag is not as noticeable as before but it is still there.  It happens when I close an app and return to the home screen.  It takes a few seconds for the lag to go away but it is still noticeable.  Phone does not get as hot as before.  The phone has rebooted on me once but not after I did the firmware update.

Also, I guess 4G LTE is up and running in LA.  The other day I was at the corner of Venice Blvd and Veteran Ave and I did a speed test because I noticed a 4G signal on my phone and it was amazing.  The fastest download was 21.95MBps and upload was 6.95 MBps. That was the fastest time to date.  On average I get between 7MBps - 9MBps download and 3.5-6MBps upload on 4G LTE.  WOW is all I have to say about that.  That coupled with this phones amazing processing speed makes this on par and at times faster than my quad core pc at home (I have TWC Turbo Cable rated at 20MBps).  

I did however encounter a strange incident with the screen.  Just to make this clear I have never dropped this phone, thrown it, or misused it in any way and today as I pulled the phone out from my front pocket  noticed a hair line crack just above the notification light that runs along and through the front facing camera in a "U" pattern.  The crack is not on the top of front gorilla glass but underneath it where the black bezel is.  I have a TPU phone case and a screen protector.  I have read online about how the back of the phone would crack because of extreme temperature changes but I have not found any information of a defect in the glass or any reported problems of the front of the glass.  I have read through the manufacturers warranty guideline (page 15, (4)) and it states, "The external housing and cosmetic parts shall be free of major defects at the time of shipment and, therefore, shall not be covered under these limited warranty terms." I am still going to call LG and figure out if I am covered or not.  I just find it ironic that I finally get a phone that works great and the screen cracks for no apparent reason.  The good news is that even though the crack runs along the forward facing camera it does not affect the use of the camera.  My main concern is that it can happen again but maybe next time it might happen on the actual viewable screen.  Has anyone else notice any defects in the screen or replacement solutions.  I check online and it would cost around $100 + to get this fixed.  I just can't win.  The crack is not that apparent when indoors but is definitely noticeable out in the natural light.  I guess I can live with it until the LG Optimus G2 comes out.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

Man!!  You have definately had issues with this device!!

No problems here to report....had mine since launch!

Love this phone!!

I am even getting over the whole "Jelly Bean" thing...or lack there of!

It will get here when it gets here!

Certainly nothing worth b#tching about for me!

Hope things work out for you and you

finally get to enjoy your device!!

Good luck!!


Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

YCHO1979-   I only caught the last couple of your replies so sincere apologies if I rehash anything here but your lag issue surprises me a bit.  Have you leveraged your task manager to see if anything is chewing up CPU resources?  I can't say I have to use this option because of performance reasons but I have it on one of my homescreens and I hit the Clear RAM from time to time because I'm paranoid by nature. 


You have probably checked this as well but check to see if your CPU is in ECO Mode which saves power by going down to two cores vs. quad. 


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

I noticed my phone starts lagging a lot more when I am plugged in//using it while it's charging.


Re: LG Optimus G review and question about Android ICS battery hog and laggy performance with LG's UI

So I have had my new replacement phone (4th one) for about three weeks now and I have to say that it is night and day.  It's a long story about going through 4 phones.  The first one had a battery defect, the second replacement that they sent me was a used phone, the third phone had a crack in the screen but this last one seems to be behaving the way it should be.  I have no issues with my new phone.  Battery is great and can last all day.  After about 12 hours from off the charger I have about 70%-50% depending on how much I use the phone.  I chat, send multiple messages, watch youtube videos, play online poker, check email, surf the web and no problems.  I haven't had a day when the battery has gotten noticeably hot.  I keep my screen brightness on Auto at 55%.  I am also running AVG mobile security and I use to have Lookout and AVG seems to be keeping the charge on my battery better.  I have also gotten the upgraded 3G and 4G LTE service in my area so the phone not having to constantly looking for service has kept my battery alive more.

My only major issue is the camera on this phone.  I have to say for a 13 M camera it is disappointing.  In low light conditions (inside or at night) this camera is no better than my old EVO 4G's 8mp camera.  Outside though it does provide crips images but only it the auto zoom function operates properly.  The panarama function on this phone is so so.  Unless you have a tri-pod your photos will resemble water paintings than a wide screen shot.  Going too fast and shaking while using the panorama feature produces unclear photos.  The camera on this phone does not do the screen justice.

The screen on this phone is amazing.  I love watching videos on this thing.  I don't have to squint any more and HD video seems a lot more clear at times than my 46" HDTV LED 240hz Samsung.  I must say that the built in speaker is a little week.  But all in all I am completely satisfied with this phone.  I do recommend buying a case for this phone because the back is also made of glass and I have seem other peoples phones crack.  The gorilla glass is a type of tempered glass so impacts dead on will not do much damage but from the side it will crack.  I purchased an otterbox commuter series for about $37 with tax and it is well worth it.  I also bought the Invisible shield screen protector and I am now 99% protected.  Well worth the investment.  It does bulk up the phone a little but the sacrifice is worth it because my upgrade is not up till the summer of 2014 and I don't feel like dishing out another $400-$600 for an out of pocket cost phone.

For those on the fence about getting this phone I would recommend it but I have also heard that the Galaxy SIV is coming out sometime in May of 2013 but it is reported to have a 5" screen and HTC is also coming out with a new M7 line that is suppose to have a faster 1.7-2.0 Ghz quad core processor 2gb of RAM, 4.7" 1080p screen and a 13mp camera and that is slated to arrive on Verizon and Sprint sometime in the Spring of 2013.  But these are just rumors.  Amazon did have this phone during Christmas for $99 but now it's $149.99 + tax + activation fee still cheaper than the 199.99 + tax + activation that Sprint charges.

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