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Quick Battery Drain and Hot Phone


Quick Battery Drain and Hot Phone

I've had my Optimus G since late December and it's my first experience with Android (I was an avid iPhone junkie prior). I adore this phone but I've noticed since day one that the battery life is terrible! Sunday was a perfect example. I charged my phone to 100% the night before I went out fishing. I even turned off the WiFi and data before I went to sleep.  I didn't use my phone AT ALL until around 1 PM the next day and it was at 22%! This is ridiculous! Ever since I bought the phone I''ve had to watch the battery levels like a hawk. If I'm not near a WiFi signal, I won't even keep my data on unless I'm actually using it. Tonight I noticed while using my phone to browse the internet that the back is very warm on the camera side of the phone down to about the middle.

Do I have a bad battery? Is this some kind of defect? Or is this what I have to look forward to for the next 2 years?

Ant suggestions or ways to solve this?


Re: Quick Battery Drain and Hot Phone

Good morning SugarBritches01,

I'm on it. Lets check your area first to see if there are any service concerns that could be causing your phone to be searching for service and in return using the battery life. If everything is looking well with your specific area, the next step would be to go to Sprint service and repair center to have it looked at. Please post your cross streets and zip code. We'll start there.

Talk to you soon,


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