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Quickest/Best way to get LG Optimus G? ?


Quickest/Best way to get LG Optimus G? ?

Wondering if anyone had any suggestions on getting my hands on LG Optimus G, the most efficiant way? ?

I am going in for a "procedure" November 12th and will be laid-up for a while.....sure would be great to have a new toy to occupy the days and nights!

The great people at my local Sprint Store assured me they would take care of me (as they always do).  Great crew!!

I am cutting it rather close however and was wondering if I pre-ordered device on-line......would I be able to get it before the 11th?? Just incase....yikes!!

Hope its not an issue, but I do not know how that works!!!  Always go through store??

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!!!

btw....I know I am in the "wrong group" or whatever.....just wanted to say "JOB WELL DONE " to Sprint for being first to deliver on the JB Update!!!!!

Just recieved on my SG3....its a "beautiful thing"!!

Thanks Everyone!!!



Found the answer to my own question again!!

I just did NOT KNOW how pre-order works?

Apparently,  it will not make difference in delivery date..

Still Nov.  11th with or without preorder! That does make sense!!

I guess I will have to take my chances and hope Sprint stays on target for d-day before my hospital stint...

Definitely will make the stay better with the "quad" by my side...

Sure sounds like it will be cool device!


Wirefly currently has a pretty good deal on this device... $149.99 for Preorder!

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