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Screen not coming on


Screen not coming on

My phone was at first turning off by itself and coming back on (restarting). Now it is off completely and won't come back on. It is fully charged. It hasn't been dropped. It is protected by otter box case. How do I or can I troubleshoot this problem?


Re: Screen not coming on

Hey NaturalSunshine,

Thanks for reaching to us with your issue; sorry to hear you're having this issue with your device.

If your device is no longer powering on, it would be advisable to have it examined by a repair center. You can find one here: .

Please follow up if you require further assistance after visiting the center. Thanks!


Giovanni R.

Sprint Social Care Team


Re: Screen not coming on

I took it to a repair center Tuesday. They said it was the LCD. They have ordered my new phone and should be here today.


Re: Screen not coming on


That's great to hear. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.


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