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Sending/Receiving a Group Text using Native Messaging App


Sending/Receiving a Group Text using Native Messaging App


I am using LG Optimus G with the Android 4.1.2. So far, I am happy with the new update, specially the Google Now part. The one thing I can't figure out is the Group TEXT. I recently had a purpose to initiate a group text but so far all I can do is create a regular text with multiple recipients, which is not a group text. After doing some research online, I couldn't find a solution so I am requesting help from this community.

1) Can you send and receive a group text on Optimus G using the native Messaging APP? Meaning, can I send the same message to more than one person and receive the responses from all of them in the same "conversation" and maintain this throughout. On one of the other websites someone mentioned that there is a "reply all" option but I definitely do not see that when you press and hold on a message to respond.

2) If native Messaging App doesn't allow it, what are the best apps out there that has this capability that others have used on consistent basis ?

3) This is to Sprint Social Care reps on this board, is this feature restricted on Android devices or on Sprint network in general ? i.e. Does iPhone/Blackberry users have this capability and if so, can you guys propose this to LG as a "missing" feature.

Thanks in advance for your time and responses.



Re: Sending/Receiving a Group Text using Native Messaging App

I would like to know the answer to this question too!

When receiving a group text I only see the person sending the text.. Then after responding I find out I just responded to 10 other people.


Re: Sending/Receiving a Group Text using Native Messaging App

Sprint Social Care representatives:

Please review this question that was posed 5 months ago and as you see no one has followed up yet. Please let us know if this is possible and how do we go about using it.

So far I have yet to hear back and 4 months is too long to research.

Your input is requested.


Re: Sending/Receiving a Group Text using Native Messaging App

I've done a group text a number of times from the native messaging app and it's easy.  I don't know if it has all the features you want, but you can try it and see if it works good enough for you.

First, arrange your contacts in the Contacts app in the groups you want.  For example, I have family members in the "Family" group.  Then, go to the messaging app and start a new text message.  Tap the button to select the recipient(s) from your contact list and instead tap the "Group" tab and scroll down to the group you want.  Selecting the group you want opens the group and lets you check or uncheck individual members, or tap the "Select all" button to get everyone.  From there, the messaging app opens with the group members listed in a new thread.  Go ahead and create the message and send it.  The message you sent will show up in your thread list as a single thread having been sent to all the people in your group (rather than the group name itself or the individuals themselves) and replies will show up under the same single thread.  So while not perfect, it seems to work.  I've had no problem with it and haven't had a need for a 3rd party app.  Good luck. - MarkC

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I revisited this question last night and replies to a  group text don't work quite like I first mentioned.  While creating a group text does add a new thread to the thread list which contains all the group members, replies to the thread don't show up under this thread.  Instead, replies from contacts in the group show up in threads under their individual names. I feel this is unfortunate as the originating message and replies are not together and you lose the connection between them.  While this isn't a big deal if you don't have a large contact list, keeping this all straight with large groups of contacts is messy, to say the least.  Since contacts have phone numbers linked to them and groups do not, there may be no way to avoid this.  Oh well.  We tried.

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