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Source code released for "ZVC" update

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Source code released for "ZVC" update

I got no response in the update thread so I'm making one. Hopefully It'll stand out more

I see LG has posted an updated to our device bringing it to "ZVC". Any idea of when we'll see the update, if ever, Sprint?

Here's what I'm referring to OpenSource Code Distribution


Re: Source code released for "ZVC" update

The understanding I got it is under review at sprint too approve it . It is still going too be android 4.1.2 , The update is mostly improving battery,GPS, Auto brightness, PRL and Modem. This should be last 4.1.2 update , after this it should be android 4.3 from people I have spoke too

Re: Source code released for "ZVC" update


Thank you for posting. Once we get the update from LG it is then rolled out at random in phases to our customers. Being the update was announced we should be starting the roll out shortly. Please hang it will be on its way soon.

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