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Why is my bluetooth call volume so low on Ford Sync


Why is my bluetooth call volume so low on Ford Sync

I can not hear the person I am calling via sync unless I max out the car audio volume, and its still barely audible.  All other sounds (beeps, rings, music) are loud.  I've tried messing with every volume and sound effects feature.  It has been correct on some calls, but less than 1 out of 10 calls, and sometimes it drops levels in the middle of the call.  Has anyone had this problem on other vehicles besides my 2011 ford fusion?  I see older post from 2011 with this same behavior with other bluetooth audio accessories, and am wondering if it's the same issue.  I am trying to decide if I should keep the LG Optimus G(after having it for 1 week), but is this an android problem and not an LG problem, is it a sprint or ford problem, and do I have to buy some audio app that overrides factory volume settings like the ones suggested in older android posts like PowerAmp.

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Re: Why is my bluetooth call volume so low on Ford Sync

I had the same problem in my Ford and tried everything under the sun, apps, volumes, even called Ford. Didn't have any luck. I finally broke down and backed up my phone, did a factory reset, and re installed all my old apps. I then went in my car, deleted the existing phone connection, and repaired new from scratch. I have not had the problem since and I can only assume that with the new bluetooth ASDP in jelly bean, that something went awry in the update process. Regardless, I followed these steps and have my Sync bluetooth back. Expect this to take about an hour, but its worth it. Good luck.

If you arent sure how to back up and factory reset, take it to sprint, they will do it for you.

Re: Why is my bluetooth call volume so low on Ford Sync


My apologies for the delay in our response, I see another user provided some steps. Can you let us know if you tried them? Did it help at all? Thanks for posting on our community forums.

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