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no service please help


no service please help

was told by a sprint customer service rep. that the LG optimus G has a weak internal antenna and there was nothing sprint can do

I have been dealing with this problem for apprx.8 months and am fed up  All i want is a phone that works so i can use the services i am paying for!

upgraded from HTC EVO 4G had no problems at all with those phones.

have been with sprint for well over 10 years with no complaints until now. i am holding up my end of the two year contract by paying my bill sprint needs to hold their end up by supplying me for what i am paying for!


Re: no service please help

What kind of sevice? data, celluar or both?

If your talking about data? If you had 4G with the EVO 4G and no 4G with your Optimus? You may not have LTE in your area. the EVO 4G used Wimax. Two completely different communication services.

Celluar? I have no clue.

Both? Sprint could be updating your area.


Re: no service please help


Thanks for your post. I want to ensure your issue has been resolved, please let us know.

Andrew B.

Sprint Social Care

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