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4/4 - LG Optimus S Software Update - Android 2.3 (LS670ZVJ)


Re: 4/4 - LG Optimus S Software Update - Android 2.3 (LS670ZVJ)

I upgraded to 2.3.3 (J) about a month ago. The first time I tried this upgrade my phone started exhibiting some of the symptoms of the earlier 2.3.3 (H) update - primarily the reboot issue. After a couple of trips to the sprint store I got a replacement phone (another optimus) and I had to install the J update for it. It was fine for the first couple of weeks but now I am starting to have problems:

1. reduced battery performance

2. touch screen issues - mainly for me while using the touch-screen keyboard. I touch a letter and the letter on the row below it gets types

3. Phone sometimes misses calls (no ring, then later I get a missed call or voicemail notification)

4. phone reboots itself randomly

These are all reminiscent of the H update. I spoke with sprint last night and had another ticket created - so now I need to go back to the sprint store (again) and see what they can do. The rep on the phone last night said they can load somethng onto the phone to prevent the upgrade message from appearing every 5 mins if you roll back to 2.2 - not sure what's involved with that or if that's true.

I have never spent this much time in a sprint store in my life. At this point I would like to just upgrade to another phone but they say I can't do that until September. If I want to upgrade earlier it's out of pocket...


Re: 4/4 - LG Optimus S Software Update - Android 2.3 (LS670ZVJ)

I've seen some folks say that if you tap the More Info button, and then remove the battery, the notification to upgrade will cease.


Re: 4/4 - LG Optimus S Software Update - Android 2.3 (LS670ZVJ)

I have also noticed the random re-boot, but I haven't experienced the other issues.

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