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Android system recovery


Android system recovery

I put my phone on the usb charger attached to my computer last night to charge it. When I got up this morning I had the Android system recovery <3e> screen up. The Screen says:

Android system recovery <3e>

Android system revocery utility

reboot system now


wipe data/factory reset

wipe cache partition


Android system recovery...

Do not pull out the battery!!

Finding update package...

E:Can't find command file CACHE:


Installation aborted. no valid i

mage in CACHE

I have tried bot the reboot system now and the sdcard update and still end up with this screen. I am trying to avoid a factory reset as there are pics on this phone I haven't transferred to my comp yet. I don't know what the wipe cache would do. Any suggestions on how to get my phone working again?


Re: Android system recovery

Yes that is unfortunate, sorry to hear about your phones' condition.  Your pictures however should be safe as they are stored on the SD and not in the phones' internal memory.  I would pull your SD card, and go ahead and select "wipe data/factory reset."  Unless your phone boots normally without the SD, your boot software is corrupt or you have an internal memory issue.  Wiping the phone is easiest option.  It will erase your contacts, texts, call logs, and applications.  However, if you know your gmail email and password, your contacts and application history is recoverable by simply reloading the same gmail email. 



Re: Android system recovery

How do I do the wipe data/factory reset?

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